What are Activities?

An Activity can combine notes, files, scheduling and team collaboration into a self-contained item. Activities can be used to do everything from managing large projects with large teams to reminding you of lunch plans

Using Activities

Using Activities means that you don’t get bogged down receiving dozens of emails a day because it allows you schedule and manage collaboration within 1to1Core rather than through email threads

Setting up Activities is the way to organize your ongoing tasks, such as meetings, appointments, follow-ups, and so on. Using the Activity Editor you can create private or shared Activities

Activities are a reminder of what you need to handle during the displayed timeframe. Activities sync with Outlook and your handheld device to give you both a view of your day/week/month, and also reminders sent to your device. An Activity allows you to enter a detailed, formatted description of the work required and store any relevant files, and allows you to engage in discussions. When you create an activity, it will automatically appear in your personal calendar, alternatively it can appear in a shared calendar which other team members can access

You can invite users and non-users of 1to1Core to collaborate in Activities. After being added to the Activity in the Activity Editor, attendees are automatically emailed an Outlook appointment as well as a link directing them to the Activity Space for that activity. If the attendee is a 1to1Core user, the Activity will also appear in Zone as an Activity and in their Calendar

Note: Calendar sync works in one direction only, from the 1to1Core Calendar to Outlook.