Changing your Exchange Password

1. Log in to webmail.

In order to change your password you need to use webmail. Start by going to in your web browser.

You should see ‘outlook web app’ and there should be a place to enter in your email address and password.

Changing your exchange password

2. Email address: Your full email address.
Password: The default password given by the support team or your administration. This is your current password.

Change exchange password

From this screen you can always access your mail, without any further set up required.

Continue below to change your password.

3. Click ‘Options’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. Select ‘Change Your Password’

4. You should see the ‘Change Password’ Screen.

Changing your exchange password

i. Enter your current password.

ii. Enter your new password twice.

Restrictions on your new password:

  •     6 or more characters.
  •     At least 1 capital letter. [A B C D]
  •     At least one number [1 2 3 4] or symbol [@ # $ &]

5. Click ‘Save’.

6. If your password does not meet the security requirements you will receive an error message. Close the message and try again.

7. If your password meets the security requirements then you are sent to a screen where you will be required to login using your new password.

8. Done.